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Foton is a Marketplace and SDK for Next-Gen Digital Assets (NFTs) powered by Radix DLT

Highly Intuitive UI
Creator & Developer Friendly
Built for Mass Adoption
Fostering Interoperability
Community oriented

“It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.”

– Old Man (The Legend Of Zelda) –

In-Game Assets

NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens on the Foton Marketplace are designed with game oriented features and interoperability. The Foton SDK offers game developers a scalable, optimised, easy to integrate and long lasting infrastructure for game assets.

Art Collectibles

Artists can easily monetize their work via a set of tools that are intuitive, fast to adopt and don't require any kind of coding knowledge. They can generate collections or limited edition items while focusing on what matters most: their art.

Community Assets

Creators of any kind, Influencers or Brands at large can crowdfund their projects by rewarding and engaging their communities with the help of advanced implementations of non fungible tokens.

The Foton SDK allows for tight integration, control of features and distribution, but most importantly is able to host billions of users.

“Wanting something does not give you the right to have it.”

– Ezio Auditore (Assassin’s Creed 2) –

The Foton Token

The Foton token is the fuel for the Marketplace. It's used to pay for assets, unlocking premium features on the platform, reducing fees, for governance, getting merch, increasing user status and much more.

Along with the Foton token, XRD, the native Radix coin is of course accepted as default for buying and selling assets.
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The Tesseract NFT

The Tesseract is a Multiverse Asset developed with the Foton SDK and will be used on the Foton Marketplace to build status and unlock certain benefits.

The NFT, as all assets by Foton SDK, can be integrated to third party games and apps to favor interoperability.
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Built to favor Creativity

Minting tools

Create next gen assets with easy to use tools

Custom Pages

Create custom pages for projects or for user profiles


Create elaborate collecting schemes for members

Community building

Engage your community with dedicated access areas


Members can influence your project through voting

Knowledge base

You don't have to know coding to get you started

“Creativity takes courage”

– Henri Matisse –

Creator Launchpad 1st Batch

The Foton Marketplace aims to take out the complexity of creating Digital Assets (NFTs) on ledger and to empower creators to... well, create quality items and monetise them.

In addition to that we're creating a program to filter quality projects and to boost the teams behind them.

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