The Foton Token

Utility and influence

The Foton token is the fuel for the Marketplace and SDK. It's used to pay for assets, unlocking premium features on the platform, reducing fees, for governance, getting merch, increasing user status and much more.


The Foton Token has a total supply of 1 Billion.

From this amount 10% has already been airdropped to the community. The rest of the supply will be allocated to incentivize the creator community, the new collectors, the team, and other third parties that might support the project in any way.

Radix native

Along with the Foton token, the ecosystem will use XRD, the native Radix coin, as the main digital currency for payments.

To streamline adoption and reduce friction different membership levels will be introduced to frequent users of the marketplace.

More details are to be revealed as we go further, so join our community channels to stay updated.