FOTON Seasons

Climb the Leaderboard to #1

Starting 16 March 2023 the First Season of the FOTON Marketplace goes live with a big box of Collectibles for all the Radix degens. The goal of the Seasons is to engage the community, reward loyal members and introducing slowly new gamified mechanics that will be present when the Marketplace goes live and beyond.

Season #1 - Valum

The Current and Future Seasons will be following an Explorer Map to introduce slowly and build a new Universe, the Foton Universe. The Tesseracts introduced last year each have their own backstory and come from planets spread across the vastness of Space.

“Everyone has a chance at Tesseracts but only one will get The Eye”

– The Nerd in Command –

Season #1 Rewards

The launch of our first Foton Season marks the beginning of an exciting adventure for all  NFTs degens as well as all newcomers. The unique rewards and items will allow them to build their status and to unlock easter eggs on our Marketplace as the Universe expands.

TOP 10 players and beyond:

#1 - THE EYE nft, 10 Blue + 5 Green Tesseracts
#2 - 8 Blue Tesseracts + 4 Green
#3 - 6 Blue tesseracts + 3 Green
#4 - 4 Blue Tesseracts + 2 Green
#5 - 2 Blue Tesseracts + 2 Green
#6 - 2 Blue Tesseracts + 1 Green
#7 - 2 Blue Tesseracts + 1 Green
#8 - 2 Blue Tesseracts + 1 Green
#9 - 2 Blue Tesseracts + 1 Green
#10 - 2 Blue Tesseracts + 1 Green

#11 - 1 Blue Tesseract
#12 - 1 Blue Tesseract
#1000 - 1 Blue Tesseract

How to participate

To enter the competition and start getting experience points, you need to join our FOTON CREW3 page.

Here you'll be able to complete quests with different amounts of points. The more you complete the higher you'll climb the Leaderboard.

At the end of Season #1, on 16 April 23:00 GMT, the winners will be selected.

Don't forget to join our Discord channel to stay up to date and receive updates about new Quests!

What are 1:1 Artefacts?

Artefacts as THE EYE are unique items in only ONE SINGLE mint which are dropped to the winners of the Seasons, or which can be collected in other kind of challenging competitions.

They are extremely rare and will allow the Holders to unlock special perks or events in the Future. The Foton Universe will expand, and so with it only the mightiest explorers will reap the treasures within it.

On top of it they offer also one of the highest status distinctions on the Marketplace.