The Tesseract

A Digital Asset with Superpowers

The Tesseract is a Multiverse Asset developed with the Foton SDK and will be used on the Foton Marketplace to build status and unlock certain benefits. The NFT, as all assets made with the Foton SDK, can be integrated to third party games and apps to favor interoperability.

Airdrops and Distribution Schedule

The Tesseract will be airdropped to the community for accomplishing minor or larger tasks. Some will involve just joining the Social media channels, some will require staking on certain Radix validator nodes, etc. Join our Telegram or Discord channels for information about getting one or check the Seasons page.

Blue Ice

Changes and influences water and weather
Starts: 1st April 2022

Green Leaf

Healing powers and influences nature
Starts: TBA

Yellow Spark

Controls lightning and electric power
Starts: TBA

Red Heart

Influences and manipulates other living beings
Starts: TBA

Purple Blade

Can resurrect creatures from outer worlds
Starts: TBA

White Pearl

Teleports and manipulates space and time
Starts: TBA


The complete collection has 120k NFTs. On the marketplace users can boost their profile with up to 60 Tesseracts, which represents the maximum level of benefits reached.

Each of the 6 placeholder tokens starts with the TSRG ticker followed by a letter according to the colour of the faction (B, G, Y, R, P, W). The first Blue one is TSRGB.

Owning one Tesseract type means you belong and get access to that faction. The NFTs can be composed to form certain combinations for unlocking unique features and benefits on the Foton Marketplace first, and then on other games or apps once adoption of the tech takes off.


The complete list of attributes for each type of Tesseract and what they unlock will be revealed as the project advances.

Compared to very limited NFT collections, the goal of the Tesseract is to form a huge community of holders that can serve as the starting point for many other projects built with the Foton SDK. They are the true pioneers.

* Note that the current graphical representation of the Tesseracts is not the final artwork of the NFTs. Closer to the release of Radix Babylon the full collection will be revealed together with instructions for swapping the placeholder token.